Knowing Us/Knowing You

In an age of social media where you get to have “relationships” with people you have never met in person, it’s easy to have “friends.”  I mean, we’re just a click away from having more friends.  Of course, then there is the “little” detail that you are reading this email and you may or may not know how you got on this list in the first place.  That’s ok. We want to resolve that issue.  Seriously.

In an effort to establish actual relationships, we will be having our first Meet and Greet at Church on Main next week on Friday, January 13 at 6:30pm.  It’ll be a time to share a little bit about our dream and vision for this community and church, as well as listen to your story.  We believe everyone has some God-given gift and/or talent that can be shared with the world.  We would love to learn how your gifts can be a part of a positive impact in this community.

We know it’s a tricky time because of dinner, so, no worries! We have you covered! We will provide a light fare!  You might be asking, “Well, that’s great, but, I have children and I don’t want them wandering around.”  Got that covered, too! We’ll have a children’s program during the meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Already attend a church? That’s cool.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone you know that lives in the area and is looking for a new faith community.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 13th!

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